Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Steven Pivnik.

I’m a tenacious, energetic, fun, and creative entrepreneur who is on what many would call a successful journey with impressive results.

I didn’t get here overnight, and I’ve had my own series of ups and downs over the years. But I persevered, and now my passion is showing others the possible paths they can take, while I get to play the role of a humble guide.

Some of my accomplishments include…

7-Figure Licensing Deals with Major Players

Inc. 5000 for 7 Consecutive Years

Scaled Several of the
World’s Seven Summits

15 Ironman Finishes
Kona World Championship 2022

Always striving for new heights!

Where I Began

My parents and grandparents immigrated from Eastern Europe in search of a better life for the entire family. I tagged along at the age of three. Since then I have learned nothing but love, respect, work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and the desire to succeed and thrive from them. Except for my mom, they are in heaven but I continue the quest for a rewarding life with their souls as my guiding light.

I started my professional career as a mainframe programmer and quickly learned the more modern technologies of the time in order to advance. I believed that there would be greater opportunities for me and my family if I left the comfort of a paycheck to start my own firm. So I did. After two failed attempts the third one was more successful than I imagined it could be.

What I’m Currently Doing

After 27 years as the founder and CEO and then Executive Chairman of an international technology company that grew to 200 employees, I had a rewarding exit event and now find myself writing the next chapter of my life.

I have benefited from many advisors in my career and wish to give back to the entrepreneurial community as an advisor to them personally and to their firms.

That is why I started AIP Advisory LLC. Based on the positive and rewarding difference my advisors have had on me and my own company I am confident that my network and I can pay it forward and provide the same level of value to others that are on the quest to succeed.

About AIP Advisory


Quality Results

At AIP Advisory, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to our client’s success. Our goal is to help founders and CEOs set and achieve personal and professional goals that exceed even their own expectations.

We empower successful leaders who seek an edge, providing them with the personalized guidance and transformative solutions they need to break through to the next level.

How We Work

We act as partners on your journey to success. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of trusted advisors takes a collaborative approach and works closely with our clients to unlock their full potential.

Our main priority is to understand our client’s unique needs and goals and tailor-fit our approach and solutions to ensure they are achievable. With rigorous attention to detail and an unwavering focus on results, we navigate the complex challenges our clients face and help them achieve profitable growth and increase enterprise value.

We provide thought leadership and deliver proven, profit-generating strategies that propel our clients ahead of the competition. Through our client-focused, problem-solving approach, we help clients break the cycle they are in and smash through roadblocks.

Our services aren’t for everyone—and that’s ok! We are intentionally selective in the quantity and quality of clients we take on so we can ensure an unmatched level of personalized service and attention.