Advisory Services


Results can be achieved by engaging with us in one or more of these ways:

Periodic Advisory Meetings

Weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings can be established either virtually or in person.

Formal Board Advisor Role

We can start a board of advisors for you or be added to your existing advisory board or board of directors.

Project-Based Assignments

See the list to below for the kinds of projects where we can add value.

Core Capabilities

We have 25+ years of hands-on experience helping founders and CEOs scale and exit their businesses. Our most common deliverables include:

Negotiate banking relationships and debt financing

Selection of Investment Banks, Accounting and Legal firms

Negotiating 7 to 8-figure licensing and distribution agreements with industry leaders

Executive succession planning, including yours

Identification and selection of risk managers, financial planners and wealth managers

Achieving above industry average CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) Scores

Management team evaluation, recruiting, retention and upgrading

Business partner buyouts and employee stock options plans

Creation of a highly productive, and engaged corporate culture

…and much more!

This is About You

You are unique. Just like your signature, your business is a reflection of you.

Let’s brainstorm on an approach that works best for you and fits your goals.